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Moo Moo Magic

Mark Jr has always been interested in helping the world to be a little better.  This was his idea about scientists helping to make the world better  

Junior High School Wrestling with a post interview by me (Rob) 

Great grandmother welcomes Mark Jr. into the world

GravesRx was a family project where our whole family could help make medicine a bit better.  My Dad wrote the database of medications, my brother Chris built the website, my brother Mark analyzed the data and won science fair projects with the data.  My Mom is the artist and helped us stay focused on our goals.  I was the cheerleader for the project.  We all got to meet Candidate Mitch Daniels!  

2005 Wrestling: 
Meet the seniors night
with Coach Mattingly

MHS football 2004
vs West Belllville:
pregame and 1st part of game 
Mark Jr is # 59

Mark Jr. enjoyed going to all of my band performances.  When he was away at college, me or my parents called him after every performance.  Mark was my best friend.  Our nicknames for each other was "buddy", you would hear "hey buddy this, or hey buddy that.  I miss my buddy.

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