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Celebration Pictures of Mark's Academics

My brother Mark wins an award for a science project

My brother, Mark Jr.,  wins awards at the Indiana Intel Science and Engineering Fair

Evansville Courier & Press , January 21, 2005
Brainpower makes difference  for Graves

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“I’ve worked hard and always tried to do my best” said Mark Jr “That’s what my parents encouraged me to do, my best and nothing more.  Wrestling complements just about everything and the values I’ve learned from it: discipline and hard work and endurance.  It really does carry over into school work"

My Brother did a lot of studying.  He spent a lot of time in my Dad's office

KEEP P1080702 MCAT STUDY copy 2.JPG

My Brother Mark Jr. getting silly right after he wins an award

IEEE Blockchain Presentation IMG_4169 copy 2.JPG

My Brother Mark invited to make a presentation at the national Block Chain Meeting

MHS High School Graduation 

P1080842 NU Graduation the whole crowd copy 2.JPG
KEEP P1090062 NU graduate copy 3.JPG

Mark Jr. is a proud graduate of Northwestern University

P1090069 Mom at Marks graduation copy 3.JPG

Our Mom at Mark's Northwestern Graduation

KEEP P1090203 Mark in graduation outfit copy 3.JPG
P1090109 Mom Dad Mark Rob diploma copy 3.JPG

We are all so proud of Mark

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