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Wrestling is a Team Sport

Mark with hand held up.jpg

                   Wrestling is also an Individual Sport
       The team gets points when the individual wins.

Evansville Courier & Press January 21, 2005
Brainpower makes difference  for Graves
I've never been the strongest guy out there. I use what is out there. I use what is available to me, the tools given to me.""

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Wrestling is a Family Sport

My brother Chris was Mark's biggest supporter and worked as his coach

My Mom was at all of Mark's wrestling meets

Chris and Mark Wrestling copy.jpg

Even Family portrait day turned into a wrestling competition

DCP_1073 coach Mattingly Chris Mark copy.JPG

Coach Mattingly helped my brothers in so many ways.  
My Dad and Mom thank you so very much

One of my favorite pictures with my brothers Mark and Chris

IMG_3207 copy 2.jpg
DCP_1075 Mark Rob Mom copy.JPG

Mark gets lots of support and encouragement from his Mom and me (Rob).

A pre-game family gathering seemed to give Mark extra energy

My Brother Chris was also Mark's coach.


Mark appreciated our Mom and Dad and all their sacrifices to help him

grandma al mark jr copy 2.jpg

Mark's Pittsburgh Grandparents were loving supporters

Ken Cherto wrestling camp with Nana ans Dadoo DCP_0622 copy.JPG

Grandparents Dadoo and Nana flew in from PA as much as they could

DCP_0842 freestyle wrestling club.JPG

The MHS Freestyle Wrestling Club, Mark helped coach.

Mark Dad Dado Day2 105 copy 3.jpg

My Dad, Mark Jr and Dadoo seemed to have extra special good times together.

harrison dec20 011 rob and dad copy.jpg

I especially liked wrestling matches.  I got to hang out with my Dad.   I also got to cheer and yell as much as I wanted.

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